A virtual office for digital co-working – that works?

28. February 2022 überwegs

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Co-working spaces and new work concepts are multiplying like mushrooms. Whether for the self-employed or remote employees – working flexible in different environments is becoming more and more popular. But does this environment always have to be a physical place? Not necessarily! A virtual office on the innovative meeting platform Gather might be the perfect alternative.

Gather: The start-up without a „real” office

Gather is an American start-up that is steadily gaining popularity all over the world. The young company has developed a video conferencing software that can be used to build virtual spaces. In these digital locations, users move autonomously as avatars and communicate with other people who are logged in via video chat as soon as they approach each other. Official partners of Gather, like überwegs REMOTE, offer the professional development and design of these spaces. The variety of ways to use them is almost limitless, but the spaces are most often associated as digital event locations. That a Gather space is also perfectly suited as a virtual office or digital co-working space becomes quite clear from the start-up itself.

The Gather team works together across several time zones in a virtual office on their own platform. You can picture it as a genuine office: There are desks, meeting rooms with whiteboards, a cafeteria and a reception. Employees simply log in when they start their day, choose one of the desks and start working. A colleague has a question? Fancy a chat by the coffee machine? Have lunch together? Anything is possible.

Further information about Gather: www.gather.town

Gather Office
That's the reception area of the official Gather office.

A virtual office as a Gather space – here’s how it works

To make working in a digital office possible – either for your own employees or as a virtual co-working space for multiple companies – using the innovative platform Gather is worthwhile in terms of price and performance. Working with an official Gather partner like überwegs REMOTE is even more beneficial. Although there is an object catalogue from Gather that users of the platform can choose from to build their own spaces, the design style is then very much tied to the original Gather style, which is quite reminiscent of pixel art.

überwegs REMOTE develops and designs the spaces entirely from scratch, always in line with the users’ needs. The results are the „BRANDspaces” named by überwegs REMOTE, which are individually tailored to each company. In addition to the practical layout of the rooms and objects, a BRANDspace is characterised by its appearance, which is always consistent with the corporate design. Just as in a physical location, the company wants to create a recognition value digitally as well.

Once the virtual office is ready, it can be used straight away. If there are less than 25 people in the space at the same time, there is nothing else to consider. However, if that number is reached, it is necessary to book additional server capacities. This works via Gather tickets, which can be purchased per person either for two hours, one to several days or one to several months. Thanks to the partnership with Gather, customers of überwegs REMOTE receive a discount on the tickets. Therefore, it is advisable to also manage the booking via überwegs REMOTE. This way, clients do not have to take care of the booking with Gather, but only receive an invoice listing all project services including the server capacities.

ein space in gather town
Sometimes we like to co-work in the virtual überwegs as well.

A virtual office as a future-oriented image booster

With a digital office, employers not only score points with their employees because of the flexibility such a workplace offers – potential applicants also keep an eye out for exceptional benefits. A virtual office is an excellent image-boosting factor for employer branding.

A digital workplace has an impact on sustainability as well: the long-term use of a virtual office has a positive effect on our climate. Employees won’t need to commute anymore and will not only reduce time but also carbon emissions. Meanwhile, their employers save on budgets if they decide to switch to a remote work environment for good.

Providers of digital co-working spaces will experience similar advantages. The innovative environment they offer their clients with these virtual spaces elevates their position in the rapidly growing market to that of a first mover.

So what are you waiting for? Contact überwegs REMOTE now and have a virtual office designed for you: www.remote.ueberwegs.de

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